Fast and Healthy Breakfasts

You wake up in the morning and you have no idea how you’re being 15 minutes late. You hop up into your slippers and go straight into the bathroom to brush your teeth. But because you’re always on hurry it happens that you skip breakfast? It is not necessary to tell you that this is bad idea, because I am sure you have heard this already. I am here to show you some fast and healthy breakfasts that will fit in your busy mornings.

I would like to start with my favourite:

Bananas with nuts and honey

Bananas with nuts and honeyCut one-two bananas and add some nuts – almonds, peanuts, different seeds, cachou, etc. Make sure they are raw, not roasted. Then if you have no allergy from honey you can add one two table spoons of honey. And yes! This is it! Fast, simple and healthy. Bananas are amazing for digestion. Even they are sweet you must know that the level of sugar in this fruit is very low. Almonds for example have Vitamin E which is great for your skin and also these nuts are great for your heart because of the flavonoids. Cachous are rich of magnesium, zinc and iron. Try it! You will love it! If not… then take a look at the following fast and healthy breakfast recipes.


Toast, Avocado and Egg

Toast - Avocado and EggMmmm Yummy! Great for Avocado lovers! You need 2 slices of bread, better to be whole grain. Toast the bread and put some mashed avocado. Of course while mashing the avocado will be nice if you add some olive oil salt and paper to make it tastier. Finish this lovely breakfast with two sunny-sides up eggs.


Fruits, yogurt and some …cereals or nuts… your choice

Fruits - yogurtEasy, popular, tasty and healthy! Add to yogurt the fruits you like, stir, taste and eat! This breakfast is great for people who are fruit lovers. Of course you can add some cereals or nuts. I would like to add a scoop of cinnamon or a little bit of honey.


Smoothie with Peanut Butter

Smoothie with Peanut ButterGreat for breakfast or for gym! You need banana, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 cup of almond milk. And ice, of course! Blend, pour and drink! This breakfast will provide you a lot of energy during the day.


Microwave Muffin with oats and fruits

Microwave Muffin with oats and fruitsI know you wonder how this is possible, but it is! And it is very easy. So you need ¼ cup oats, 1 egg, some fruits or berries, little bit of grown sugar. Add all of this to a mug. Then mix it very well until everything is homogenous. Put the mug in the microwave on high and cook for 1 min. After that take it out and take a look. Put back in the microwave for 30 more seconds and check. If the muffin is firm, then it is ready to be eaten. Enjoy!

Of course there are many recipes and I am sure you have your own idea for fast and healthy breakfast. It is important that you keep your body in a good health and to always care about the food in your plate, no matter breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have a nice breakfast!

Find Out Which Workout You Need

body shapesWorking out is healthy, yes, but in case you have target areas, you need to know which workout should suit best according to your need. Dependent to your body shape, there is a specific exercise that will be perfect and accurate to anybody who decided to ultimately get in shape. Balance your exercise and make the most out of what you do, in the gym or anywhere else. There are simple online quiz to help you identify your body type. It can be Hourglass Type, Circle Type, Triangle or Inverted Triangle Type, and Ruler Type. Of course the Hourglass Type would be the ideal one among women and, more often than not, this is the target figure everyone working out aims.


Exercises requirement vary and this can happen after you have correctly identified your body type. Once you do, you are then ready for the second and final step, and that is the workout process right away. See below the corresponding workout suited for you:

  • Hourglass Figure

You may say that your bombshell figure no longer needs exercise but you surely have not got what you have without effort. The good thing is that you can simply work on lighter exercise such as Zumba, cycling or light weights lifting.


  • Circle Figure

Cardio stretching will work for this type of body figure. You can do half hour yoga after a 45 hour power walking. This can be difficult as you will need to do a high intensity drills until you sweat away those fats you have accumulated over time.


  • Triangle Figure

Working on the elliptical machine, a few cycling, walking or jogging will work on your curvy bottom and smaller upper body. You should do upper body training so it matches your lower body parts.


  • Ruler Figure

You must be one who has an almost stick figure. This is when your shoulders are in line with your torso while hips are slightly curvy. Jumping rope and swimming would be perfect for you so you get some bulges in the muscle parts up and down.


  • Inverted Triangle Figure

Your sporty shape features a broad chest and a narrow waistline. This may be an athletic physique but you surely are complaining about flexibility. This is why the most suggested workout would be strength training via eccentric movements incorporated with light weights.

Not every workout is suited for anybody. This is the same reason gym instructors are assigned at exercise clinics so you will be guided as to what type of exercise you’re supposed to do. Nothing would be more rewarding than having your desired vital statistics after a few weeks of exercise. If you have noticed, not all exercise applies in every body type. The variation comes where there is a need to apply weight and eventually gain lean muscles. When you know the type of body you have, you can then identify which physical activities you’re supposed to get engaged with. The same goes with the frequency of the activities you intend to do.